January 24  “Sky Caves of Nepal”
Dr. Mark Aldenderfer from U.C. Merced leads a team of anthropologists, historians, and mountain climbers as they attempt to decipher the last 3000 years of prehistory in an isolated region of Nepal.

February 28  “Chaos Theory”
Kevin Mitchell, Associate Professor of Physics from UC Merced, will provide insight into our chaotic world, from the motion of planets to the motion of atoms. 

March 21 “Immune Activation in Autism”
Dr. Judy Van de Water from UC Davis will discuss potential risk factors such as the presence of antibodies in mothers that could be contributing to the incidence and severity of childhood autism.

April 11 “Art Inspired by Science and Mathematics”
Dr. Carlo H. Séquin from UC Berkeley will discuss questions such as: "What came first – art or science?" and  "How can math and computers be used to create new artwork?"


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