FALL 2015

September 18 “Why do Wild Monkeys Lack Arthritis”

Modesto Junior College biology professor Dr. Derek Madden on monkey movement and joint disease.

October 2 “The Search for Life in the Universe”
Dr. Lynn J. Rothschild, Astrobiologist at NASA Ames.
NOTE: This talk will be in the MJC West Campus Mary Stuart Rogers Student Center

October 23 “New Insights into Human Evolution”

MJC Professor Dr. Debi Bolter will present her recent work on remarkable fossils discovered at Rising Star Cave.

November 20 “Grapes in our Lives”
Dr. Peter Cousins from E. & J. Gallo Winery with a scientific analysis of the cultural connections between grapes and people.

December 4 “Making Fuels from Sunlight, Water and Air”
Dr. Frances Houle from the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis will discuss how artificial photosynthesis can produce new fuels.
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